Ordering Vita Voom Products

You can purchase the Vita Voom Software pgExpress Driver and the other Vita Voom Software products through our reseller, Shareit!, using your credit card or one among many other payment forms they support (Mastercard, Eurocard, VISA, Delta, JCB, Switch, Solo, Discover, American Express, Diner's Club, UK cheque, US check, Postcheque, International Money Order, Bank wire and PayPal).

The purchase process is done through a secure web server; your personal details such as name, address and credit card number or bank account number won't be revealed to any one.

We shall send you your product through download link and/or email (as you choose), as soon as Shareit! notifies us about your purchase and consider the transaction done.

If you have any comments, problems or doubts about purchasing from us, we would like to hear from you at orders@vitavoom.com.

IMPORTANT: Philanthropic institutions may try to apply for a free license of the pgExpress Driver. If this is your case, please email us with your proving documentation for appreciation. The point is, usually who can buy a Delphi/Kylix can also buy a pgExpress Driver license.

pgExpress Driver

  1. There are no runtime/distributions fees at all.
  2. The package contains both Delphi and Kylix versions of the pgExpress Driver.
  3. All upgrades 1 year (365 days) from the license purchase date will be free.
  4. The pgExpress Driver is registered on a per-developer basis. Developers are considered to be in the very same company. If you want to license for more companies, you must buy a license for each developer in each company.
  5. Upgrading an expired license will have 50% discount, if the license has expired in the last 06 (six) months. Don't buy an upgrade license if yours have expired after that.
  6. You can only upgrade to the same kind of license you bought originally, and for the same company, up to 06 (six) months after the expiring of your older license. WE'LL NOT REFUND ORDERS PURCHASED WRONGLY DUE TO NOT FOLLOWING THESE RULES. In case you're not sure when your license expires, or have any doubts about anything of this, please mail us before doing the purchase.
  7. The email address is important. We'll send the driver/licence only to the registered email address, for your own security. For changing the delivery email address to a new one, we must receive a confirmation from that email. This is a safety measure to protect our customers.
  8. Very important: if you are buying the software with someone else's credit card, or someone else is paying for you, please the correct user name/company name in the "Delivery Details " entry on the purchase form. The information from that form will be on your license data.
Version Price
Single Developer €$ 149.00
Single Developer (Upgrade) €$ 75.00
5 or more Developers €$ 129.00 (per unit)
5 or more Developers (Upgrade) €$ 65.00 (per unit)
Site License (any number of developers) €$ 3.000.00
Site License (any number of developers - Upgrade) €$ 1.500.00