Vita Voom Software's Products

Besides consulting, building custom systems and intranet development, 1} has some products that are available to the public.

pgExpress Driver

pgExpress Driver is Vita Voom Software's dbExpress driver for PostgreSQL for Borland Delphi and Kylix.

Please go to the pgExpress Driver page for more details.

You might also be interested on read a brief description of PostgreSQL's features, advantages and comparision against other popular databases.


The pgeSQLBrowser is the union of SQLBrowser and the pgExpress Driver. It is meant as a demonstration of the pgExpress driver. We have patched the orignal SQLBrowser (which comes also on the Borland Companion Tools for Kylix and Delphi 6) and embedded the 1} pgExpress Driver © inside it.

The resulting tool is a single-contained executable file that can be used (and is meant as) as a quick test/query tool and to easily test the pgExpress Driver behavior without having to download and install the pgExpress Driver, setting up a Delphi/Kylix environment, etc.

Please go to the pgeSQLBrowser page for more details.

Obs: Only the Delphi version is avaiable.