The pgExpress Driver

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The Vita Voom Software © pgExpress © PostgreSQL dbExpress Driver is a Borland/Codegear Kylix/Delphi 6+ Driver that directly access PostgreSQL 7.1+ databases. No ODBC layer is needed.
This the first dbExpress driver in the world to access a third-party/SQL server, and, as far as we know, the first developed using Borland Delphi.

It is also first driver to implement the dbExpress protocol 3.0 (introduced by Delphi 2006).

Translators needed!

If you want help in translating the pgExpress Driver to your native language, please email us.

We have taken some screenshots of the pgExpress Driver.


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For getting an introduction about the pgExpress Driver, understanding how it works, its history, etc., please check the online documentation.


Why licensing

When you license our driver, you might legally deploy applications using it, and will have access to our support system via email. Non-licensed users might have also some email support but with secondary priority. We honestly will privilege our current customers before answering any thirdy-parties support emails.

You'll also encourage us to keep enhancing and developing the pgExpress driver and the whole family of Vita Voom products.

For details about our upgrade policy and our support system for customers, please read this document.

Read the pgExpress Driver license.


There are two versions of the pgExpress Driver: demo and full. The demo version can be used to test if the product meets your expectations, and to develop your application while you don't purchase the full version. The full version will allow you to distribute your applications that use pgExpress Driver, royalties-free.

You are not allowed to deploy any applications with the pgExpress Driver unless you have a valid license for using it.

To see the differences between the full and the demo versions of the pgExpress Driver, please check here.

If you want to use the driver in a commercial project, you must buy a license from us. The value will vary according to the number of developers in your company, but there are NO RUNTIME FEES. If you develop for non-profit, charity organizations, you might apply for a free license - send us an email describing your project, proving that you work for that organization and it might get approved. In that case, you will have to develop and distribute the applications that use the pgExpress Driver only internally on that company.

You can find the pgExpress Driver license here.

Check the ordering page for more details on pricing and ordering.

About the dbExpress Technology

Delphi 6 and Kylix 1 introduced dbExpress - a cross-platform, database-independent and an extensible interface that provides a set of methods for dynamic SQL processing. dbExpress serves as the next generation data-access layer for Kylix, Delphi and C++ Builder.

For a more information about dbExpress, please visit this page.