Chapter 7. About the pgExpress Driver

1. Credits

The pgExpress Driver is 100% coded by Vita Voom Software™. We would like, however, to express our gratitude to the following people:

  • The PostgreSQL Development Team, for supplying the world with the best open-source database server, and for the source code of the libpq interface. In special, we would like to thank to Tom Lane and Bruce Momjian for their support and work.

  • Luís Filidis from Internet do Brasil for help with the web site, our logo and other related issues.
  • André Quiles, for the Vita Voom Software™ logo concept.
  • The DUnit team, for an excelent testing framework.
  • The DocBook Development Team, and all involved on it's project. This documentation is written using DocBook.

We would also like to thank the following people who helped doing the pgExpress Driver localization:

  • Daniel Schuchardt, for the German (deDE) language.
  • (Anonymous), for the Chinese (Taiwan) language.
  • Miguel Angel Alonso Cacheiro, for the Spanish (esES) language.
  • Gumundur Jn Halldrsson, for the Icelandic (isIS) language.
  • Zsolt Gombos, for the Hungarian language.
  • Jn Šuavec, for the Slovak language.
  • Petio Tonev, for the Bulgarian language.
  • Matteo Cavalleri, for the Italian language.
  • Eric Libert, for the French language.