4. Distributions

The pgExpress Driver is distributed primarily thorugh our website at http://www.vitavoom.com.

There are a few options available for downloading:

Version Description
About the licensing:
Demo Demonstration (trial) version.
Full Full version, with all features. Registered users only.
About the localization:
Inside the distribution, there are two versions of the driver: a default one, and a Multilanguage Driver:
Language Delphi Kylix
Default (english) dbexpge.dll libdbexppge.so
Multilanguage dbexpge_ml.dll libdbexppge_ml.so
About the packaging:
Zip Version that is packaged with the Zip packer. It has a (.zip extension)
Installable Version which comes in a installer (.exe extension). Windows only.

These versions are combined into distributions. Examples: