3. Translating the pgExpress Driver

Translating the pgExpress Driver to another language is easy:

  1. Copy the default.po file from the languages distribution with a new name.


    This file is in a separate languages package; a download our site.
  2. Translate the msgstr entries to match those of the language you want to translate to. Use a unicode-enabled editor (such as Vim, Unired or poEdit. Do not modify the msgid entries, and keep the %-escaped chars. They will be formatted internally by the Format() function.
  3. Use the msgfmt tool from the gettext™ or dxgettext™ distributions to compile the resource file into a .mo file.
  4. Copy the compiled .mo file anywhere you want and point to it using the Language to activate the translation. You can also add it to locale\LL\LC_MESSAGES and it will be automatically found by the Language or even loaded if the current reported locale matches it. Don't forget you must be using the multilanguage driver for this to work. If you have a new/fixed pgExpress Driver translation .po file and don't know, want or just can't compile it, send it to us at support@vitavoom.com and we might compile it for you.

For details on the gettext™ functionality, check the following sites:

gettext - the official gettext™ site
dxgettext - the official dxgettext™ site. dxgetxt™ is used internally by the pgExpress Driver to provide the gettext™ functionality